Become CID Certified

Here is why it is so important:

iCheckMate’s goal is to be the single source for 100% reliable verification of a user’s online identity. The online world and its millions of applications, has a tremendous need to be able to have complete trust, that the person is who they say they are. The online world can give users complete anonymity and secret/false personas, this allows cheats, perverts, criminals, etc to hide under a false identity.

Current available technology can achieve a 100% reliable method to verify that a person´s online identity matches to their real identity. A person who completes the CID verification process obtains a secure certificate tied to their iCheckMates account that can be used to verify their identity anywhere. The concept is very similar in operation to a facebook like button. iCheckmates will provide open source api to any developer / user so they can easily tie in their CID to any online application. To start our main focus will be the online social media and dating sites so they can generate CIDs for their members. The concept of tying the api to the iCheckmates CID api makes for a secure, simple, 100% verified online use.